The Guide to Getting More Clients

Feb 21, 2021
How to get more clients into your salon

That age old chestnut…..I run a salon and I am wanting to get more clients. How do I get more clients? Where does everyone else advertise to get clients? Do you do specials? What about running competitions? When should I run a competition? Are my prices too high?

I love all of these questions but not as much as I love the responses that other people chime in with when they comment on posts and questions like these.

Just charge what everyone else in your area charges. Your prices are too high and that’s why you don’t have any clients. You should run a special all the time to get people through the door. Advertise on Facebook Marketplace….its free.

Every single one of those questions and responses are complete bullsh!t. Yep….and let the rant begin.

Let me get straight to the point….your prices (generally) are not the reason you are not seeing clients. Running specials every 5 minutes just makes your salon look like Crazy Clarkes (and we all know what happened to them). Competitions are awesome to run but running them all the time is exhausting for you…..and your potential client. Your prices….are what they are.

Here is the most sincerest truth that I can give you. You are not seeing clients because you are not advertising to them correctly, you are not standing out from the crowd, your work is just not up to standard for what you are charging or your customer service is just sh*t.

These are some hard truths and I am truly sorry if I have offended anyone but it had to be said.

When it comes to advertising you are not looking for any customer that will pay you money. Anyone that has told you that has no f*cking idea how to advertise and I can bet you that they charge under the industry standards for their treatments and run discounts and specials and guess what, they are probably still struggling to get clients through the door.

Before I go into any further ranting comments, let me explain who you DO need to advertise to. Each salon (even franchises) will attract a certain type of clientele and you need to nail down exactly who that client is.

  • What they look like
  • How many (if any) kids they have
  • What they do for work
  • Are they married
  • What car do they drive
  • What does their house looks like
  • How much they get paid a year
  • What they do for a job

Keep going with as many identifying features you possible can for this person and then lastly, give them a name.

This is the person that you want to attract to your business. This is the type of person that you are marketing to. This is the person that you should be thinking of when you write your posts and ads. This is what is know as an IDEAL CLIENT.

Without an ideal client, you are simply p*ssing your money away each time you do a paid ad or boosted post because you are just casting a net out there and hoping to catch a fish. When you target your ideal client… are doing exactly that. You are targeting just that type of person that you want in your salon and not wasting your money.

The next thing you have to do is…..make yourself stand out from the crowd. This is known as your USP or Unique Selling Point. This is crucial. If you do not stand out from the crowd, why would anyone change the salon that they go to now, to come and see you?

What is it that you do in your salon that make you different from the other 200 salons in your immediate area? Is it that you allow kids in your salon? Is it that your salon is eco friendly? Is your salon Vegan? Is it your safety for your clients?

Whatever it is that you do different, do your clients know that you do that and no one else in your area does the same thing? Once you nail down your USP, market the sh*t out of it. Scream it from the roof tops. Tell the whole world. Plaster is all over your Facebook and Instagram and TikTok and Snapchats and whatever over platforms that you use. Your ideal clients needs to know why you are different and why they should be giving you, their hard earnt cash and not that salon down the road.

Now, I know that I said that your prices are not your defining factor and they are not really but if your work is cr*p and you are charge 200% more than any other salon, you really do need to look at your pricing, or at a minimum, go do more training.

The biggest driving factor for a client to stick around a salon, is your customer service and how relatable you are to your clients.

If you are all stuck up and rude and treat your clients like they are less than you and you are all high and mighty… are in for a rude shock. Clients do not respond well to that and you will find out the hard way when there is a problem because instead of feeling comfortable with you, they will go behind your back and b*tch about you to all of their friends and family and pretty soon, those appointment bookings will have chirp chirp chirp coming out of them.

If you are honest and friendly and not fake with your clients and share common interests with them, they are going to stick around and they will pay you whatever you want them to pay (within reason) just because they like you, the person.

Don’t be afraid to do this on your business Facebook page either.

This is a great way to introduce yourself to your clients and let them see that you are a real person with feelings, that has ups and downs and loves watching trashing tv or is into docos or whatever it is that you are into.

So to go back over everything so you know how to get more clients. Work out your ideal client and advertise to them. Advertise the sh*t out of your USP. Keep going with training so that you become the expert person in your area for the one or many treatments you provide. Be relatable with your clients. Don’t put on fake fronts just because you think you have to. Be real. Be honest and be friends.

Remember, people are sold to every day with ads and marketing and pretty much everything they look at, someone is trying to sell something to us. Instead of selling, be that business that stands out because you are different, because you are a human and you are relatable.

End of rant…..for now